Monday, August 27, 2007

Pinhole Photography 20080826

I decided to mess around with my pinhole camera today. I have a lot of single weight fibre paper left from 6 years ago when I first built the camera. I knew the paper would have a base fog, but this seemed to benefit the image by reducing the contrast. I still have more testing and playing to do. I decided, obviously, to scan the negs in and work with them digitally. I think so far it is a good way to go. I will print it traditionally to compare the two mediums.

These are Don's flowers.  Don is a man I worked with who passed away in February of this year. I feel blessed that he had given me these cuttings, because now when they bloom he will always be remembered.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Collage Fun Part II 2007, Aug 20th

This is Stanley, AKA Stanley the Secret Asian Man. He hangs out at the store, and I decided to do a few portraits of him.

Collage Fun 2007, Aug 20th

So today I decided to play with the collage feature on our KPM machines at work. What fun. "Strouds" and "Mikel" were photographed in Norman this past spring. I think that this is an interesting way to present multiple images on a single sheet.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wornall Rd.

I moved to this neighborhood back in November of 2006. This is when these pictures were taken. I decided to roam and see what interesting subjects matter awaited my arrival. I am a great believer in photographing your surroundings. It seems that once one gets to really know where they are the better that place can be interpreted creatively.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Austin 2007 June 6

My images are out of order as in the date, but it really isn't about when I made them so much as that I made them. These images were photographed while I was in Austin for the afore mentioned niece's wedding. I spent an evening walking up and down one of the main streets that was close to my hotel. I just used my little XA, as it is small and inconspicuous and photographed the burgeoning nightlife.


So I went on a little photo expedition with my good friend Sabrina and our protégé, Anne. I shot mostly with my plastic cameras and borrowed a digital point and shoot from Sabrina for a few images. I realized that the plastic camera, without meaning to be trite, could make the ordinary look extraordinary. I really love the effect that they bring, the "aging" and etherealness of the images. I guess it's time to get in the darkroom and make really good prints of the black and white ones.