Wednesday, July 29, 2009

August Workshop

We will begin our day in front of Sabrina Staires Studio at 329 SW Blvd. Then hike in or drive into the city. Be prepared for a lot of walking, so bring only what you really need such as: wide angle lens, tele-photo lens, tripod, bottle of water and any other little thing you need. We will study light, shadow, and composition. For newbies, I can briefly go over basic settings that will assist you in getting the best image possible. We will photograph until 10 or 11 and meet back at the studio to discuss the mornings images and have a bit of rest and respite. We then will proceed out for lunch. At 3 we will go over to Crown Center to see what is going on in the fountain and go back into the City and photograph until 6p. For those die-hards who would like to continue to photograph, we will keep walking around, break for dinner and do some night photography.

It's a very long day. It's up to you as to how long you wish to be out. I suggest to at least do 8 hours. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at: