Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Matthew and Emily by Lorraine Taylor Wheaton

After our wonderful meal Lorraine and Pat blessed us with wonderful soul filled music that made you want to dance, laugh, smile and cry. This video is a recording of one of Lorraine's original pieces.

Thanksgiving with Mama Lou

November 27, 2014 my dear friend, Rick and his wife, Lorraine, invited me over to Lorraine's Mama Lou's for Thanksgiving. Due to my work schedule I don't have the chance to visit with my own family on this holiday, so every year I am surprised by where I will spend the holiday. So for me the meaning of Thanksgiving has become a time to dine with strangers who, fast become friends, then ultimately extended family. I feel the warmth and welcoming of wonderful people who will share their life with me. They don't shy away from my lens and will suffer in the cold to so I can do at least one group photograph.