Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kauffman Performing Arts Center

On Thursday September 25th I met my students at the Kauffman Center. I feel the place challenges them with light, color, line, and composition. On this evening the lights are covered with red gels. Made for an interesting color combination.

Dr. John

On Friday September 26th I treated myself to a Dr. John concert at Grinders. I was looking forward to it, as I missed him in NOLA back in April. He did not disappoint. A little slow on the walking, but the music went straight to my soul and brought back NOLA
. I also had the pleasure of seeing someone, who I haven't seen in almost a year. Made the whole night worthwhile.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fred Stimpson

Fred Stimpson:  Friends and Family

By Angie Jennings

38 pages, published 8/19/2014

On August 16th 2014 our good friend Fred came to Kansas City to visit many old friends. On September 15th he left for his next journey. Godspeed Fred.

Beauty of Survival

Beauty of Survival II

By Angie Jennings

100 pages, published 9/22/2014

Everyone in some manner has been, is, or will be, affected by cancer. Either, you, a loved one, or a colleague, will be diagnosed. Before I started this project, I knew one person with cancer. When I began documenting Krista’s journey I heard a ten fold of stories. I realized that on any given day no matter where you are at least one person in your group, or in the room has dealt with cancer on some level. This story is one of my…

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Family portraits of the Maurers before a night out.
My nephew's senior portrait. Such a handsome young man.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

South Congress Bats-Austin, Texas

Every evening at dusk the whole of Austin and visitors from around the world come together on the river, coastline and on the South Congress Street bridge to watch the Mexico free-tail bat spectacle. I have been told this is largest cloud of bats in North America. It was fascinating.