Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kodachrome as Black and White

So I had a roll of Kodachrome that was beyond its date, processing and shooting. What do I do? That is when I got this crazy notion to process as if it were black and white. Which essentially it is, and this is my result. I actually love the tonal range, and even though it has quite a bit of grain, it's not that muddy looking grain, and lends itself well to the images.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

China: Life, September 2010

The following are some images taken on traditional film. It is part of my series China:Life, September 2010

Windows and Doors, Beijing
The Game, Beijing
Donkey, Beijing
Son and Mother, Beijing
A Man, A Guard and Mao, Beijing
Man Against the Wall, Reading, Beijing
Lunch in Area 4, Pan Jia Yuan, Beijing
Fish Restaurant, Beijing
Homestyle Cooking, Beijing
American Style Fried Chicken, Beijing
Don't Move, Beijing

The 8 in Fuding, Fujian Province