Saturday, October 30, 2010

狮子之吼 Shīzi zhī hǒu

Walking in the early evening with the heat somewhat dissipating I saw this woman and her friend walking. I was reminded of a character in one of my favourite movies "the master of the Lion's Roar".

Shanghai Blue

Shanghai is a city of lights, more to the point blue light. It bathes the city in this wonderfully, calming blue. Even though it was very steamy, when I view these images I almost forget the heat.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


OK I know it's a little narcissistic to put self portraits up, but hey, no-one takes pictures of the photographer. I also wanted people to know that I still do the good old fashioned analogue printing. You can't beat it for print quality. Especially at 16x20 on Ilford warm tone fibre based paper. MMMMhmmm

Eddie Delahunt

My good friend Eddie Delahunt who, not only, makes a mean mocha, but has the most wonderful Irish voice a girl has ever heard. You must go to his site and listen awhile.

Silk Road Travelers

This is the best purveyors of fine Chinese antiques. I spend every Sunday there teaching Chinese and enjoy hanging out, chatting, and drinking tea.