Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Workshop

Well it wasn't hot. We had a beautiful day. We met at Sabrina's studio, then headed down to 10th and Main. We were greeted by "security" informing us where we can and can't photograph. Welcome to the city. Several of the students had many more conversations with these people through out the morning. These encounters reminded me of when I was in China and military guards would give me a stern look and wave their hands and shake their head "NO". That was the excitement. Now onto the good stuff.
Everyone captured wonderful images and learned how to see from another perspective. The observation of how light transforms a city in a matter of minutes. We started just before dawn and made some images in that nice dusky light as the sun came up and became brighter we were able to really see the changes. We split off to photograph on our own and feel the city at our own pace.

The images of the students working in their perspective.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

August Exhibit At ARTichokes

I will be showing my China photogravures at ARTichokes. These gravures depicts a small village in GuiZhou Province. The village is as it was during the Ming Dyanasty. Opens August 21st through November 6th. They will have an all day opening event on the 21st. I will arrive around 6:30p.

Photography Classes

If you would like a group study experience I teach photography at Artichokes located on 105th and Mission Rd. I hold a basic photography course which will familiarize you with the manual and semi-manual functions of your camera, and we go over some other functions specific to digital photography. I work with students who have either digital or film SLRs. No point and shoots. I prepare you for assignments to work on for review in the following class. We meet on Tuesday nights for four consecutive classes from 7-9. Check the Artichokes website for upcoming classes.

You can also go to Crick Camera's website to check their upcoming classes and workshops.

Private tutorials

I offer private tutorials in photography for anyone who would like one on one assistance with their camera and to better their photography. I do a minimum of 2 hours for a session which costs $120. You can pay me directly with cash or check or you can click the button below to pay by credit card.